Trial Playlist

Trial Playlist

Short training sample from group lessons
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Trial Playlist
  • Djuru 14 Advanced level

    A demonstration for advanced students, this short video shows the structure and power generation possible when you perfect the Djuru forms.

  • Pukulan Attitude Striking

    Maha Guru explains why your training requires more than physical effort. Your ability is limited by thinking (thinking is slow). Going slow physically in proper structure will train your body and allow (fast) muscle memory to lead your mind.

  • Pukulan Positions Trailer

    Trailer showing inside and outside positions for Pukulan

  • Pukulan Base Angle Leverage explained

    Each position on the Tiga 'triangle' is explained in detail. The combination of forces applied when combining to a single focal point provides effortless movement in structure, while generating force needed to dislocate and control your opponent. When applied correctly effortless control is possi...