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    Personalized training content for individual members. Three playlist paths available. Basic playlist videos for those who have no prior or limited time training in Silat Sera. Intermediate and Advanced playlists to sharpen your base skills with focus videos related to Lanka footwork, Combination...

  • 30 Day Basic and Advance Intermediate Membership

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    Access to Basic instruction video playlists. This level is for new student or those with experience in other martial arts who want to learn base concepts of Silat Sera. Intermediate videos require advanced skills ability. Without a solid background in basic concepts Maha Guru discourages new stud...

  • Intermediate Pukulan Silat Sera 7 Day Rental

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    Rent set of intermediate videos to view the core intermediate lesson training material for 7 days. This content is add on purchase for basic membership students. Maha Guru will contact you to determine if this level is appropriate and if extended viewing after 7 days will be included with your m...

  • Maha Guru Stevan Plinck Lesson Intro Djuru #1

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    Maha Guru explains Silat Sera concepts and demonstrates various aspects of Djuru #1. Four videos that will help you understand the movements and how to develop proper alignment in each position. Bonus Video 5 Intermediate level Pukulan combination shows you how to apply the Djuru structure (Base,...

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    For Students with no prior SILAT training. We suggest you watch videos and train with a partner for best results. A subscription will cost you less and you will have access to on-line forums, collaborate with Maha Guru Stevan Plinck and other students.